MultiBoot 2k10 DVD/USB/HDD v7.25 Unofficial-P2P

P2P group has released MultiBoot 2k10 DVD/USB/HDD v7.25 Unofficial. Enjoy! :)

Description: MultiBoot 2k10 is a multi-boot disk of the system administrator, the main purpose of which is to prepare for the hard disk, as well as to install the operating system, which includes the design and unpacking of system images, data recovery after various failures, resuscitation of the OS.

Also, the disk will be useful for cleaning the system from a variety of malicious programs, as well as testing a wide variety of computer components, with the provision of detailed reports. All programs in the set are combined under one shell, and provide the ability to install both from the hard drive and from any removable media! There are really a lot of programs in the composition, and all of them are designed to configure and improve the use of system capabilities.

This disk is based on the bootloaders BOOTMGR (Windows 8.1.1), Isolinux / Syslinux v.4.06 and Grub4Dos v.0.4.6a and consists of a large number of products integrated by the shell, with the ability to boot from CD / DVD, USB Flash Drive, USB- HDD and regular HDD. The main purpose is to prepare the HDD, install the OS (with the ability to install Win 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7 – WinNTSetup utilities, installation packages are not included in the assembly!), Create / deploy system images, restore / copy data, resuscitate the operating system and boot recovery, cleaning the OS of viruses / trojans and blockers / porn banners, testing the main components of the PC and much more. There is network support with the ability to access the Internet and multimedia support. It is possible to use most of the programs from the assembly as “portable”

The list of programs in the assembly:

  • USB-driver PLOP v.5.0.11
  • C9PE Plus Pack (@ conty9) 2k10
  • WinPE 7×86 Live (@ Xemom1) Special Edition 2k10
  • WinPE 7×64 Live (@ Xemom1) Special Edition 2k10
  • WinPE 8×86 Live (@ Xemom1) Special Edition 2k10
  • WinPE 8×64 Live (@ Xemom1) Special Edition 2k10
  • WinPE 10×86 Live (@ Xemom1) Multilingual Edition 2k10
  • WinPE 10×64 Live (@ Xemom1) Multilingual Edition 2k10
  • Parted Magic 2017.03.14 / Linux Live-CD /
  • Linux version of Acronis DDH v.12.0.3270 (rus)
  • Linux version of Acronis TIES v.9.7.8398 (rus)
  • Linux version of Acronis TI Premium 2014 v.17.0.6673 (rus)
  • Linux version of Acronis Universal Restore v.11.5.38938 (rus)
  • Linux version of Acronis B&R Advanced v.11.5.39029 (rus)
  • Linux version of Acronis Snap Deploy v.5.0.1416 (rus)
  • Linux version of Acronis Align Tool for WD / Hitachi v.2.0.154 (eng)
  • Linux version of Paragon HDM 12 v. (rus)
  • Linux version of Paragon HDM 15 v. (rus)
  • Linux version of MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition v.9.1 (eng)
  • Linux version of TeraByte Image for Linux v.3.17 (eng)
  • DOS version of Acronis TIES v.9.7.8398 (rus)
  • DOS version of Paragon HDM 15 v. (rus)
  • DOS version of Hiren’s Boot CD 15.2 (rus)
  • A large set of various DOS utilities, and much more.


Release Name: multiboot-2k10-dvdusbhdd-v7-25-unofficial-p2p
Size: 5.16 GB
Links: NFONTi