Drastic MediaReactor WorkStation v7.0.298 (x64)-P2P

P2P group has released an updated version of “Drastic MediaReactor WorkStation”.

Description: MediaReactor Workstation is a direct plugin version of Drastic’s MediaReactor file translation system. Rather than having to use a separate translation step, the artist can work with incoming footage directly in their preferred creative software.

Contemporary production workflows are able to access an ever-increasing choice of acquisition, production, mezzanine and output devices and formats. Unfortunately, the proprietary nature of these media tools often leads to time consuming and potentially lossy translations of content, simply to allow other creative tools to access them. MediaReactor Workstation was designed to alleviate this problem. MediaReactor Workstation provides access to the widest range of file formats of any single plugin package. It specializes in high quality conversion on the fly, on everything from ancient OMF JPEG to the latest camera acquisition formats from Weisscam, Phantom, Sony and Arri. Coupled with its incredible range of file and codec support, MediaReactor Workstation provides a group of plugins that make the content directly compatible with most major editing and creative software on Mac and Windows systems.
MediaReactor Workstation provides support for the three major operating systems that have well defined plugin systems (for Linux, please contact Drastic for available options).

Digital Vision Nucoda (available from Digital Vision)
Autodesk Flame, Flare and Lustre 2016/2017/2018/2019
Avid Media Composer/Symphony/NewsCutter 6, 7 & 8 64 bit AMA access plugin
Avid Media Composer/Symphony/NewsCutter 5.5 32 bit AMA access plugin
Adobe file import and export plugins CS5.5/6.x and Creative Cloud 2014 64 bit
Adobe file import and export plugins CS4/5 32 bit
Assimilate Scratch and Scratch Lab SPA plugin
Avid and Adobe are available on all platforms allowing seamless access to content with platform independence. Support of older editing products in MediaReactor Workstation allows access to the latest file formats without having to upgrade your editing software. Drastic is dedicated to supporting as many file formats as possible on all three major operating systems and supporting all major production tools that provide a plugin interface.

Release Name: Drastic MediaReactor WorkStation v7.0.298 (x64)-P2P
Size: 100 MB
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