Ashampoo Video Filters and Exposure 1.0.1 Multilingual-P2P

P2p group has released the newest build of “Ashampoo Video Filters and Exposure” for windows. Enjoy

Description: Most videos don’t come out perfect straight away. For example, they can suffer from poor lighting, unnatural colors or simply lack a personal touch. Ashampoo Video Filters & Exposure is intuitive video editing that adds style to any footage! From plain and simple to artful, the program offers users multiple functions to adjust exposure and colors to their needs.

Feature :

  • Modify exposure, saturation and white balance settings
  • Color filter presets
  • Crop videos to any format
  • Rotate clips by custom angle
  • Rotate and mirrors videos comfortably
  • Optimize white balance, exposure and saturation
  • Plain and simple video editing
  • Release Names: Ashampoo Video Filters and Exposure 1.0.1 Multilingual-P2P
    Size: 99MB
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