TVMC is The Future of Television, NetFlix-Style Streaming


TVMC is the Future of Television. It runs on Windows, Mac, and Android – and gives you access to EVERY MOVIE AND TV SHOW EVER MADE, live TV, adult content, international channels and more. It’s basically a media player that interfaces with existing online streaming sites (such as PrimeWire, Project Free TV and hundreds of others) so that you can browse their sites through a NetFlix-style interface, no popups or ads anywhere, everything just works. It’s legal and will change your life.

Now you can send anyone the link to this page, and they can enjoy the magic Kodi has to offer, without requiring any technical experience or effort whatsoever. This is the version of XBMC that you’ll want to send to your grandparents, coworkers, and neighbours. We’ve gone ahead and provided some screenshots below in which you can see what it looks like. Hopefully everyone will enjoy using it as much as we did creating it!

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